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making the squad

a prize like no other for talents like no other!

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Grand Finale

MTS Grand Finale

After weeks of online competition and almost two weeks in Germany's capital Berlin, the first ever interactive talent show Making The Squad has come to an end. The jury: CEO and Founder Carlos 'ocelote' Rodriguez, paysafecard Vice President of Marketing Oliver Wolf, professional Fortnite player and streamer Jakub 'Lothar' Szygulski and Head of Communications Karina Ziminaite had to make a very tough decision as only 4 best could secure the contracts with G2 Esports. Witness the tension, tears of joy and happiness as we've wrapped our show and made friends and colleagues for years to come.

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Week 6

In-Game Challenges

In the last challenge before the Making The Squad Finals, our top 8 contestants had to team up and play some games together! They not only had to get the sweet Victory Royale but also had to be creative, role play and even swap chairs mid game, often at the worst possible moment…

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Inner-City Challenge

After some blind-dates with Alpacas earlier, our Making The Squad contestants had more challenges to overcome. In the Berlin Inner-City Challenge, they must navigate the German Capital without help from Google, looking for clues along their way to reach their final destination. How did their journey fare? Tune in to find out!

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Duo Alpaca Challenge

They have made their squads sing, they have created the G2 logo, they've even travelled from around the world to come to Berlin. Now, they're about to face their greatest challenge yet - ALPACAS! Join our contestants as they duo up and work together to complete the Alpaca obstacle course and smash the paysafecard PINata.

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Week 5

TOP 8 Contestants Vlogs

We take a look into our Top 8 contestants adventures in Berlin as they document themselves arriving and exploring the city. Follow them as they meet one another for the first time, explore Berlin and get a taste for the city's world famous Christmas Markets.

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Finalists travel to Berlin

We join our Top 8 contestants as they travel to Berlin to compete in the final stage of Making the Squad. Follow them as they meet one another for the first time, explore Berlin and get a taste for the city's world famous Christmas Markets.

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Week 4

TOP 8 Announcement

G2 Esports began the Making The Squad Fortnite competition in early November. After nearly a month of competition we have made it to the final stages of selecting who will become the next G2 Esports Fortnite star. Meet our Top 8 who will travel to Berlin to compete for our top prize!

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Take a look behind the scenes of Making The Squad! Enjoy some of our funniest moments, including bloopers with Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez and our beautiful host Marcella ‘Nysira’ de Bie, and the fun and laughs our jury had with our hilarious candidates!

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Jury reacts to challenges

Joined by guest member, paysafecard's Vice-President of Marketing Oliver Wolf, our jury give their reactions to some of our contestants' challenge videos. Who entertained? Who impressed? Tune in to find out!

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Challenge Highlights

We look back at some of the Challenge Highlights our contestants submitted for Making The Squad. Each participant had to submit three videos, completing a challenge set by our jury members. What's your favourite? Let us know below!

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Week 3

Meet the Challenges

You've met the jury. You've enjoyed our contestants. Now, it's time to meet the challenges! Nysira reveals the tasks our top 20 must complete if they wish to be part of our squad and provides tips on how they can impress our jury!

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Competition Is Magic

Our wonderful host Nysira takes us through some of our candidates' 'magical' traits that help them to stand out from the competition and also introduces the first challenge for them to complete.

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Week 2

Candidate Interviews

Join our jury in meeting some of the final 20 candidates for Making The Squad. We interviewed them to get to know what makes them special, what makes them tick, and why they want to be part of our Squad!

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Jury reacts

In this video, you meet our jury & watch them react to the best moments from the applications for Making The Squad!

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Week 1 - Intro

Top 20 decided

The Top 20 for Making The Squad presented by paysafecard has been decided!

It's our pleasure to introduce our fierce competitors from around the world. They will battle it out to make the top 8 & become the next face of Fortnite for G2 Esports.

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Launch Trailer

Together with paysafecard, market leader in online prepaid payment methods, we are proud to announce that are inviting Fortnite influencers from around the world to enter the newest talent show aimed at finding the next four top content creators in Fortnite, Making The Squad.

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Meet The Jury & host

Carlos 'Ocelote' Rodriguez

Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez is a former legendary esports competitor turned entrepreneur and successful CEO. He came to prominence in esports as a professional World of Warcraft, and later League of Legends player from 2006 to 2014, competing and placing highly in international tournaments across the globe. In early 2014 Carlos retired from professional play and established an esports organization, Gamers2, leading them as founder and coach to qualify for the European League of Legends Championship Series only a year later. After rebranding to G2 Esports in 2015, Carlos has lead the team to dominating success in League of Legends, CS:GO, Rocket League, and Hearthstone. As CEO of G2 Esports, he has grown the highly decorated brand to business success, driven by his accomplishments with industry leading sponsorship deals, production and sales of merchandising, and securing multi-million dollar funding deals.

Jakub 'Lothar' Syzgulski

Jakub 'Lothar' Szygulski is a veteran of the esports scene. He is currently full-time streamer and professional Fortnite player for G2 Esports. Previously he has gathered valuable experience as a stage host, Hearthstone Team Manager, caster and player. Within G2 Esports Lothar has pushed forward several incredible initiatives, the most known of which is the G2 Samurai. He not only conceived of this project, but has donned the mask and borne the flag for G2 Esports in several campaigns, most notably the EU LCS 2017 Spring Split finals. He's one of the most passionate and fashionable G2 Esports ambassadors.

Karina 'Ziminaite' Ziminaite

Karina has been an active part of the growing European esports media scene for several years. In July 2017, she took the role of G2 Esports’ Head of Content, in June 2018 the role was extended to Head of Communications. Karina brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from both esports and traditional media. This has helped greatly in her work, allowing her to focus heavily on establishing and fostering deep connections between teams, fans, and their stories. She has set the mark for many content and production teams in the esports industry.

Oliver Wolf

Oliver Wolf has been Vice President of Marketing at paysafecard since 2017 and has been driving the
esports commitment of the company ever since. Oliver Wolf is considered a pioneer in esports marketing and sponsoring. He shared his expertise during the DMEXCO in Frankfurt and Digital Sports & Entertainment conference in Berlin in 2017, as well as at the conference "sports & brands" in Vienna and during his participation at the esports Bar in Miami in 2018. Privately, Oliver has been an enthusiastic gamer for years and is particularly experienced in the Battle Royal genre.

Marcella 'Nysira' de Bie

Marcella 'Nysira’ de Bie is a familiar face in esports and gaming communities. She has wide experience as a host and moderator as well as an influencer. Marcella has mastered the social media and has particularly strong presence on Twitter, Twitch and Instagram. After being partnered on Twitch almost immediately after joining, Marcella has steadily grown her followers count through regular streams and honest interaction. Currently she also hosts a Dutch TV show about cars “RTL Autowereld”.